Thursday, December 10, 2015

Graveyard Baseball Podcast: Lions ŌenDEN Episode 4

This is the fourth episode of our Seibu Lions podcast.

In the episode, we recap the NPB Draft and analyze the Saitama Seibu Lions in how they addressed everything. We also do an FIP study on the pitching staff and discuss free agent signings.

We close with talk about the Japan Series and Premier 12. We apologize for any mispronunciations (such as Keisuke Honda) or errors that have come with recent news at the time of this recording. Andy Van Hekken also became a Lion officially as he reached agreement with the team.

We also apologize for any sound errors in this podcast as overlapping occurs.

Thanks again for listening.

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  1. Cool stuff. I need to get my head around FIP and start using it as a better gauge of pitchers. Do you calculate it yourselves or find the numbers on a different site? Also how do you guys get all your info given that you're living abroad and don't speak much Japanese (I'm guessing at this part)?

    1. Hey man, Wes here. I use the formula from fangraphs and then I add the estimated constant for NPB which is 2.74. Though I'm sure there are some Japanese statistical sites that provide it, I figured I'd do it myself. If you want me to do some FIP calculations on the Tigers in the next few weeks while I'm on break, I'd be happy to oblige.

    2. Christian here, there were a handful of sites I was given on history. Google Translate is one of my friends, but I've learned to read the kanji or Katakana for player names. If anything, that's the one thing in Japanese that isn't a problem with repetition.